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YMS's Stance on Bullying

At Yearling, we take bullying seriously.  We want every student to feel safe at school and we do everything in our power to make that happen.  Any student, parent, or teacher may report bullying.  There is a yellow bullying form that is filled out; however, a witness statement is usually what what gets completed first.  After a report is made, the office will investigate.  This involves asking students and teachers on both sides of the issue.  To be officially called bullying, the behavior must be one-side and have occurred more than once.  If this is found to be true, then parents on both sides are notified and consequences are given.  Students on both sides are offered counseling.  If a bully continues after the referrals and suspensions, then the bully will be reported to law enforcement.

Please feel free to use the forms below to gain additional information and/or to report a bullying incident.